T-Manager Terminology Tool

T-Manager is a free tool that enables software localisation professionals to automatically identify translation inconsistencies in a text corpus or across two glossaries; customise large amounts of terms; and populate an empty glossary with translations and metadata from a legacy dictionary.

T-Manager can be particularly useful to users with a focus on controlled terminology for Rule-based Machine Translation (RBMT).

Download (v.4.8.3)
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Microsoft Excel 2007, or higher.


T-Manager does not require any installation. Because T-Manager comes in the form of Excel macros embedded in an Excel workbook, these macros can be simply run by the user by just clicking the START button that appears on each spreadsheet. The only prerequisite is simply to have Excel macros enabled on your computer.


Rafael Guzmán is the developer of the VBA code behind T-Manager Terminology Tool.

T-Manager is available free of charge, and can be distributed (not sold) and used for commercial purposes as long as the developer's name is acknowledged.


Please, send your questions and comments to Rafael Guzmán at raf.guzman@gmail.com, especially if you have suggestions for new features or if you encounter any issues.